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Company Overview


Founded by William Novick in 1924 as a purveyor of fresh produce, Novick Brothers has evolved to provide a broad line of products and services for our area's independent institutions, childcare centers, distinctive caterers and fine restaurants alike.


Our product offerings include a complete line of paper & cleaning supplies, dry goods and groceries, fresh fruit and vegetables, frozen products, organic foods, and center of the plate items (meat, poultry and seafood).


Beyond food distribution, we also offer comprehensive solutions-based educational programs to help you assess and enhance every aspect of your food service operation.


Our ability to support the success of our clients is strengthened by our membership in UniPro, a consortium of independent distributors with over $34 Billion in purchasing power.


Educational Programs


Our specialized knowledge and industry experts will help take your organizational success to the next level by providing answers to questions you may never even have known to ask. This expertise zeroes in on the unique and specialized needs of childcares and nonprofit institutions, among others. We are experts in food service, preparation, sanitation, storage and menu planning as well as marketing, accreditation, compliance and regulatory issues...and we put this knowledge to work for our clients.

We have also created the Novick Family Urban Farm, an initiative that converted more than 1 ½ acres of formerly unused land around our offices and warehouse into a thriving farm. We are growing food to feed the underprivileged in our community while offering an educational venue—an Edible Classroom—in which to teach children, teens and their educators about farming, agriculture, horticulture, nutrition, whole food, sustainability, and many other food-related topics.


Over 90 Years in Business


Novick Brothers' proud tradition of independence and family values help us to form long lasting, mutually-beneficial relationships with our clients and partners from the food and agricultural community. The resulting leverage helps us to be a meaningful factor in our clients’ success. Our state-of-the-art demonstration & test kitchen is a testament to the value we place on our partnerships for product testing, presentations and events.


Our Mission


Novick Brothers' mission is to provide "Food Service Solutions with Family Values". In pursuit of this, we work hard to support our clients’ success by going the extra mile in all that we do. Flexibility, buying made easy, local control and local decision-making, education and partnering for solutions are just a few ways of describing what "Family Values" means to us. We consider you not just a customer, but a valued client and partner.


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